Specialisation Studies / Milind Mahale

Product Design

Can play/toy/puzzle making  be the  pedagogic tool or a method ?

In this module the attempt was to understand the spaciality through the idea of play/puzzle/product.

Students along with faculty tried to link the spatial ideas to the interactive nature of the play/puzzle.

The studio tried to establish the relationship between the idea of play/puzzle with the process of space making. This happened through various materials and mechanisms.In the  studio various materials and processes were used to understand how material properties and process/technology guide design development.

With  clear intent of making as the main focus 5 week studio started.first week was dedicated to conceptual design process and next four weeks were used for actual making of the product.we started with various actions and interaction such as sliding,popping up,twist and rotate, snapping and we linked them to spatial elements such as levels,steps,planes,cut out,niche,arches gridect. to arrive at the play which has numeros permutation and combination among itself.

For logistic purposes we divided students in 9 pairs each developing one interactive idea of spatial play.

Each group started with one interaction and one spatial element such as rotate and twist action was used with spatial element  planes and cut out to develop the play.

1.Sliding -Courtyard/Grid/Mass Void

2.Poping up - Grid/Modularity/steps

3.Interlocking - Modularity/negative-positive

4.Knoting and inserting- Framework/geometry

5.Slicing & Snapping - Cube/Geometry/incrementality

6.Locking - Arches/vaults and domes

7.Pegging - Lattice/Modularity/geometry

8.Inserting and adding - Incrementality/modularity

9.Rotating and twisting - Panels/Cutout

Each pair chose specific material depending of their design intent like, interlocking group 3 used various woods like Pine/Teak/MDF and metals like brass/iron/aluminum and other materials like resin, concrete and wax and each of these material required particular process to achieve the precision and play to happen

CNC routing of woods ,Milling of metals ,Casting and molding of resin,concrete and wax

This allowed them to understand the various parameters of the materials such as density and weight ,hardness,friction,durability,material strength etc.

This module helped students to understand how to detail the material using their properties and available process.As scale of all the product was at desktop level students worked on very detailed scales like 2:1/10:1 etc.




2. Popping up




5.Cube slice

6.Arches and Domes