Specialisation Studies / Dushyant Asher and Milind Mahale

Making a Pavilion

This course continued the allied studio that concluded before the specialisation course. It was conducted in an experimental workshop mode that helped make a 1:1 structure that has developed its research and methods of the process a step ahead, especially in glass fiber and resin materials. The course helped the students build an intuitive sense of operating with these materials and the geometries that they can shape up with. The course focused on continuing the prototype examples that were explored and tested in the allied course.

Their tested prototypes helped the students reach a scale of 1:1 where they installed a pavilion roof at the SEA campus. A team of 7 students managed to put together a pavilion spanning 3.5 meters at a scale of 1:1 that can inhabit a group of students in a seating configuration. This was done in the duration of 2 weeks out of the total 5 weeks. Parallelly another attempt to expand the scale of the origami structure to a span of 9 meters that would effectively span across the terrace of the SEA building.

A similar process was applied to reach the span of 9 meters that was set up on the school campus. Many layers of glass fibers were joined in the first stage to make a rectangle of 6x9 meters lay flat on the surface. An optimised origami geometry was drawn to bring the origami folding pattern onto the surface of the glass fiber. The seams were kept unapplied of the resin material that later became places where the material folded. It was applied in 2 layers, the first being the one to set up the geometry.
Details and notes on the course conducted can be found here.