Sem 04 | Visual Culture

Conceptualizations of Home in Charkop

Home as Nodes of Conversations, Prajwal Deshmukh

Home that Remembers a Thousand Years,
Khushi Surana

Home as Networked Spaces, Rachit Somani

Home of Whispers, Vanshita Pawar

Home as Multiple Domains, Pranjal Sancheti

Home as a Gradation of Light, Urmi Bhanushali

Home as a Mundane Routine, Krisha Kothari

Home as an Integrated Enterprise, Dishita Galchat

Home as a Collage of Repairs, Nishith Parulekar

Home as Layers of Skin, Darshan Dedhia

Home as a Workplace, Sakshi Maeen

Home of Permanent Temporaries, Jahnavi Naik

Home of Slow Encounters, Riya Israni

Home as Blurred Edges, Shriya Parab

Home as Densities of Lights and Shadows, Tanisi Kamili

Home as layers of Time, Anupreksha Bakliwal

Home as a Workplace, Khushi Bagrecha

Home of Many Thicknesses, Aboli Rithe

Home as a Palimpsest, Tanuja Vartak

Home as a Labyrinthian Space, Swamini Nagare

Home as a Bricolage, Neha Dalvi

Home as an Assemblage of Undefined Spaces, Shreya Mittal

Home as a Receptacle of Stories, Radhika Choksi

Home as Expandable Periphery, Aditi Kawade

Home as Densities of Lights and Shadows, Tanisi Kamili

Home as Incremental Growth, Prishita Kulkarni

Home as a Playspace, Radhika Malekar

Home as a Sacred Space, Yashita Ugavekar