Sem 02 | Technology
Understanding Building Systems

Understanding Building Systems as a part of the material life cycle. Materials are made from resources available then are used in building systems finally given back to the environment. How does this cycle of materials affect the environment? And hence what is the concept of embodied energy? These are the questions from where this studio begins.

Understanding materials not only though its physical properties (density, stress coefficient) but perceiving with our senses  becomes primary objective in studio

This year we started a studio with how bricks are made and then students were asked to carve the brick to reduce its weight to half without changing its outer dimension. This demands students to understand material properties (chemical and physical), geometry and strength of material in depth so that they can perform certain operations on given material. Similar exercises were done with bamboo- bending of bamboo, Cement mould making and casting etc..
Once students got familiar with  materials by  actually working with it. Next task was to use them in the building system to perform particular parts depending on material properties. This was done by small studio design in outskirt area of Mumbai. Students were asked to design a ground floor structure with help of material they explored in the first part (Brick, bamboo, wood and concrete). Main idea to develop the building system as derivative of material properties, construction technologies and idea of load transfer.

Concrete Casting

  Harshita Patel

Keerat Kaur Gill

Brick Carving

Subodh Shelke

Studio Design

Aditya Mahajan