Sem 01 / Culture Studies

History of Technlogy

Dushyant Asher

cover image by Netra Tamore
This course introduced them to the relationship between society, technological inventions and their influence and impact on our ways of living. This relationship helped them to understand and analyze the different aspects of technological development and their absorption in the society through means of culture and efficiency. We discussed their political relevance and its contribution to the kind of spaces that we inhabit today. A period from the early roman empire to the present contexts of technology helped build their observations into relevant frames of observation and reflections.
Using this as a background, they speculated a particular scenario of the future of one of the technological elements and architectural space using visual AI tools. This speculation was a mere test to the technological tools at hand, not just to help make things efficient, but also now offers a visual construction of the next through its vast database of the historical references. Aided by the text prompts the students used, the results were mixed and were left at an indecisive speculated vision of the future. This process helped generate many discussions around the role of technology in architecture.