Sem 02 / Form and Experience

Fiction and Form

Apurva Talpade

Excerpts from J G Ballard’s short stories were used as poetic, lucid, sensorial stimuli. The fragments seem to resemble something familiar, but even on close reading the texts suggest something anomalous and foreign, destabilising the comfort of a presumptuous knowing.

From this unsteady pl ace, the Form and Experience module launched a probe to ascertain the nature of these environments / spaces / surfaces and produced enormous drawings which when exhibited took over the entirety of the school.

This article presents a wide selection of these drawings because most of them were able to engage with the question of experience seriously, through a long process that was iterative and experimental, and the drawings took up and explored ideas of impossible built forms, irregular growths in biological phenomena, desolate and tense landscapes, overwhelming environments, visceral transformations, and huge environments that one could almost enter.