Sem 01 | Technology

Structural Logic

Force is the integral entity in all systems, structure and action. Understanding of force as units, magnitude and numbers is what generally known to students from their education till now. In the first semester with structures we try to establish the relation between Force and Geometry through Material.

How various types of forces (compression, tension, torque and bending) generates geometry which are observed and understood though various materials.

Studio started with observing and understanding objects of daily use (scissor, punch machine, sharpener, stapler etc.) and how force, geometry and material come together to perform an action/function. This was done by opening an object , constructing the object drawing though its geometry and drawing a force diagram for the performed action/ function.

Further this studio investigated the idea of spanning. Using the understanding from the first exercise students developed the idea of spanning. Spanning across half a meter with spaghetti sticks or paper or sticks and strings. Challenge here was to understand the force which then needed to be countered by help of geometry and material properties.

Neha Shah

Chetasvi Patel

Zahra Bagasrawala

Sanskriti Agarwal