Sem 01 / Studies of Form

Pattern and Geometry

Dushyant Asher

The Pattern and geometry module explored reading of form and deriving a geometrical means to decode the subtleties of the elbow. Its movement, positions, bulges and muscles were studied and traced and proportioned using a geometrical method. These studies and drawings on postures, bulges and its geometrical analysis led them to make a form of the elbow which is geometrically derived and understood in abstract and absolute relationships.

This was a 2 week process that instilled a sense of proportion, scale and decoding form through geometry. While they were involved in studying the form of the elbow, they produced a physical model as a formal output of these studies. They explored materials that supported their geometrical readings, like paper sheets, file card sheets, plastic balls of particular diameters and wires and many more.

The work from the course can also be found here