Allied Studies, Kausik Mukhopadhyay
Meaning and Form

Why should I take my practice to the students? I don’t expect them to follow me but to challenge my notions. As an artist, there is a secluded existence which grows more prominent with time. I chose sound as it always had a secondary presence in my work. In my work, the movement of the machine parts makes noises. It is always a result and not the central idea.

With the students, the process was reversed. It is not about machines making noise but the sound triggering imaginations of movements. In the process, we listened to John Cage and Philip Glass, bringing back the nostalgia of Kanoria Centre and old friends of Ahmedabad.


It is always interesting to be with young people. Ideas are always fresh. The process moved through trial and error. The workshop facility is fantastic and helps to develop the ideas, but still, in the end, I was not satisfied with the making process. I believe that continuous involvement with making and material results in work. You don’t think with your brain but with your hands too. I felt that was missing. Students went from their idea to executing it, and it lacked the play that transforms the materials into forms.