Allied Studies, Dipti Bhaindarkar
The Self and The Structure

The Self and The Structure, a four week course on organizational practice focused on understanding the prevalent logics of functioning of an organization and developing new conceptualizations towards the same. The course underlined: As much, an organization is governed with rigid logistical imperatives, it holds with it softer methods of engagement, delicate human minds, relationships and friendships. Ideas of efficiency work themselves out beyond monetary and production gains. Camaraderie and friendships, attachment and engagement, comfort and involvement, fraternity and community form the backbone of any organization. These however, are often shadowed by heavy structured reporting structures. Parallel ecologies in the organization work themselves to hold the organization and avoid failures due to individual lapses. The concluding discussions amongst peers opened up the possibility of using data and analytical tools such as spreadsheets and data archival and retrieval systems to hold unconventional and humane logics of friendships and logics, methods to hold the parallel ecologies. For example, can one develop a nuanced efficiency analysis based on a report card which analyzes mutuality and friendships rather than logics of performance and efficiency.

More work can be seen here.
Hrushikesh Chapparwal, Bhoomi Bakarania

Keerat Kaur Gill , Pranav Kadambi

Khushi Bagarecha, Shaurya Pawar