Bhavit Patil

Allied Studies, Milind Mahale
Useful and Unuseful Objects

The intention of object  development is not based on functionality/usefulness of an object, but the experiences and stories of self and extended self. Here idea is to start the conversation through the product interaction and lead to more such experiences which will again start the same process all over again.

Object 1

Ragahv Gupta

Exploring the chilkdhood experience of playing video game and interface of  of joystick.

The seamless action of an object sliding in and out of another object has always been a part of everyday life for me, and it frequently thrills me.


The basic concept is that a control stick pivots on a base and sends its angle or direction to the device it's controlling.


The pivoting of the stick on a base, and the tick-tock sound of the stick due to the constraint, are the two fundamental motions of the joystick in a PS2 controller. As a result, the concept of a three-dimensional puzzle that integrates the same was thought of.


Object 2

Drishti Desai

Stories of tagboard - idea of pinning ,Interaction with tag board and its items.

Object 3

Bhavit Patil

Idea of legos with everyday office stationary.