Allied Studies, Dushyant Asher
The Architectural Kitchen

Text by Dushtyant Asher and Shruti Barve
The course was an experiment that emerged from questioning the existing logics of making with materials. Processes that shape materials used to define the capacities of manifesting space. Today we have more knowledge and access to many other processes beyond industrial imaginations of making. Logic of units and mass production has reached a saturation in the way it shapes space. To explore newer processes, experimentation and constant learning and questioning the existing means of making, the studio further tried to hack existing processes and create objects/composites/space forms which are derived from the process of making and material behaviour.

The next step was to create an intent for the self, creating various associations with the space exploring phenomenological possibilities, material practices and making logics. To understand this more clearly we saw research / works of many academics and experimenters, where new relationships emerged using the techniques of precision but at the same time allowing the materials to devise their own autonomous formations.

Such possibilities of how homogeneous structures can be formed through the combination of two different techniques, also how we can harness the potential of the process of material formation to take autonomy rather than calculating and predicting the start and end. Certain questions stay with us about precision, temporality and fragility of materials and the process of engaging with making within our domestic contexts, we will see these in our experiments. It gives us an insight into individual processes where a community of makers can collaborate, edit the processes and develop the experiments for further possibilities and keep the work growing as ‘long’ projects transversing through many authors and process interpretations.



Casting Air, Prateek Bharati

Composites, Sapna Chopra + Mrunmayi Bailke

Minimal Lengths, Keerat Kaur

Patterns and Layers, Aditi Bhandari


Mud Casting, Subodh Shelke