Allied Studies, Dipti Bhaindarkar

A journey – the act of doing and engaging is many times preceded by the act of listing and structuring. This course began with a set of provocations – What are lists and itineraries? What are ranking and sequencing? How does one structure their understanding through these sets of lists and itineraries? How does one engage with information and structure?

Making lists and itineraries is often complementary to the experience and engagement and hence is often revealing. The world is perceived uniquely by an individual. And hence their observations, notations, annotations and experiences are unique. Each of these ways, add new layers and complexities to existing systems of understanding.

An itinerary provides an insight into the thought of an individual. It traces a process and paths to break experiences of a journey. Constructing one requires intuition and room for growth, both physically and mentally. It consists of various elements that are pieced together to form a cohesive set. They may exhibit adaptive, dynamic, goal-seeking resilient, self-preserving, evolutionary possibilities thus allowing each observer/reader to build their possible connections and smaller narratives.

In many instances, the journey is much more about the nuances of the in-betweens rather than the nodes or the actual instance. The course was premised on the argument that conscious itineraries may not only enhance journeys but also may provide valuable insights and reflections. This course explored possibilities of making such itineraries – not only as logistical instruments but also as philosophical tools. It opens up the idea of structured narratives, information visualization, categorization and alike. The attempt here was to move away from the structured logic of ranking and hierarchy to explore possibilities of establishing the nuances as the key nodes for an itinerary. Traditionally, the itinerary precedes the journey or is shaped throughout the duration of one. The course flips the idea to build an itinerary after the journey is done.

The student being the itinerant was constantly engaging, deconstructing and reconstructing the form of itineraries. They constructed itineraries for their journeys not limiting to physical travel but varied journeys through time, thoughts, travel, decision making, negotiating and orienting the self, knowing the world, and many more.

In and Out of the Bed - A Project by Sanjana Habde & Divya Vaidya

This project deals with capturing the contrast between virtual and physical travel to a place. The nuances of a virtual travel where there is a disconnect between the physical environment and is often experienced through a set of documented visual imagery which helps us navigate through the space. The sense and optics are thus limited to a visual screen.

Whereas physical travel is a self perceived experience through the lense of textures, mood, smell, sound and the unexpected twist and turns that the journey takes us through. The itinerary thus maps this disconnect creating different experiences of the same perceived place.

Mapping of ‘ME’ Time - A Project by Ruchita Sarvaiya & Dishita Ghalchat

The journey was about the "me time" of two girls in contrasting landscapes of Mumbai and Kolhapur. This me time of girls revolves around the journey of local train and bicycle. The voices are expressed simultaneously in the form of poems and long texts. Whereas the visuals of the journey become the itineraries for the same. Itineraries captured the distortion of landscapes in two particular journeys. The shown image lists the objects and emotions that are passed while one is present in the journey.

This juxtaposition of images and texts gave new lenses and allowed one to think deeply in both graphs of imagination and voices, about what's happening around in various forms of connectivity, sounds, elevations, actions, routines, emotion, and daily ecosystem.

Randomness of Decisions - A Project by Diwakar Motwani & Kshitija Akre

This project began with noting down the deliberations which a person has which he/she makes a decision. In this particular project the decision making was about career and aspirations of becoming a sports person in future. Various actors strongly affect these decisions and create an uneasy dialogue with the self. The itinerary thus speaks about several emotions and negotiations with the self and beyond.